Saturday, January 25, 2020

Where have we been?

Here, there, and everywhere.  We have been for the last six months in Livingston, Texas.  An Escapee's Park called Rainbow's End.  Met so many wonderful people - and pets!  Xena has grown up (in size, not attitude), and we have both been discovering new things.  Trying to find a path where we can both contribute to the world at large.  I've been doing a lot of sublimation planning, and searching for new and amazing products for our furbabies.

Stay tuned for new and exciting adventures!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Gulf Shores Dog Park - Alabama

Do not feed the alligators?  I don't think we needed to be told that.  But I did watch my puppies back for any eyes peeping out of the water.  One person had said they'd seen an alligator, but that was the only person.

Xena met a couple of friends.  She actually acknowledged them - and then watched them in the water.  We could not get her to go in, even along the shore.  Then the owner of one of these dogs walked into the water.  Of course, Xena followed him.  We were like parents watching their kid take their first steps!
They appear to be discussing getting in the water.
A toe is in!
She likes it!

She finally took the complete plunge.  She could not get enough.  She was actually digging holes in the sand under the water!
She learned how to cool off quickly.

Of course, she makes human friends wherever she goes.

Friends of all sizes.

She is blessing her new friend with lake water.

We definitely approve of the Gulf Shores dog park.  We'll be here again and again!  A lot of shade areas for the people.  A small agility course.  And, of course, the lake.  BUT they did not have any source of water - so bring your own.

Sweet Home Alabama - First Dog Park

Sweet Home Alabama, well, I don't know about that.  As usual, bad weather followed us here.  Tropical Storm Barry found us, and was nice enough to give us a full days of rain.

Our first "field trip" was to the Foley Dog Park, in Foley Alabama.  Right in downtown Foley, it was a nice park.  Xena is still not quite a social butterfly.  She loves people, but doesn't quite know about dogs.
The seating area had box fans.  There was a large dog and small dog area.
Overall, Xena gives it a

Friday, July 12, 2019

Follow us on our journey.

After a year and a half of moving every two weeks (state parks only allow two week stays), I'm basing my travel on staying at locations for "a little while."  The stress of packing up and moving every two weeks can wear on you.  I will post about our prior adventures, because I have so many "reviews" on campgrounds and dog parks.  The world goes from having no dog parks - to having so many you can't visit them all.

The above map was our journey from Cedar Hill State Park (in Cedar Hill, Texas) to where we are stationed currently, Summerdale, Alabama.  We'll be in Alabama for two months.   After that, we head back to Texas for our annual physicals, car registration, and other business matters.